If you leave from the Vaiare ferry boat dock, it is 5 miles heading to the East, in Maharepa, between the airport and Cook’s Bay. You’ll pass a first hotel, the Sofitel Ia Ora, the viewpoint of Toatea and the turnoff to the airport, you have 2.5 more miles to go. The home is 200 yards after the grocery store “Magasin Rémy” -mountain side- and just before the Tatoo shop. From the grocery store, it’s after the first little white bridge and the 1st light pole, on the sea-side; the garage walls are yellow and red, the property is edged with a long wooden wall on the roadside.

If you come to the Moorea Pearl Resort, then you have gone 1 mile too far.

Tahiti Beach House is right in front of a small pass Irihonu (Turtle landing), North-East from Cook’s bay, therefore you can arrive by private boat and anchor in front of the house.

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