Payment Info

Cash or bank wire

By sending payment, the guest agrees he has set up for his own insurance as  this seasonal house rental is submitted to French law, discharging the house owner’s responsibility in case of incident or injury to the guests or provoked by them.

Security deposit:
So that any missing or damaged object may be replaced, fixed or charged, a security deposit of 670 € (80,000 CFP) is due at the latest upon arrival to the house. The balance or full deposit is refunded within a month after departure of the house.

Reservation deposit:
Reservation is registered more than a month in advance by paying 25% of the global amount of the rental.

Outstanding balance:
The payment of the 75% balance is due one month in advance.

Conditions of cancellation:
Before 15 days prior to arrival: 25% of global amount will be charged.
Starting from the 14th day prior: 100% of global amount will be charged.

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