Mo’orea, sister-island of Tahiti

The refreshing and constant trade winds on the North coast offset the heat while insuring the best exposure to the sun on the island. It also partially explains why there are fewer mosquitoes here than inside the valleys. The pure sea air, the tranquil lagoon, the calmness, the beauty of the garden and the character of the house all will seduce you.

The location is very convenient: at 2.5 miles from the airport, 5 miles from the dock. The trip to Pape’ete lasts 7 minutes by plane, 30 minutes by fast ferry, 1 hour by slow ferry. The house is also 1.2 miles from the golf course, 1.2 miles from the commercial center of Maharepa (doctors, drugstore, bank, fashion clothes, souvenirs… ). There are 35 snack shops and restaurants, galleries and shops, in a range of 3 miles. There’s a grocery store and restaurants at a walking distance.

Moorea probably answers more to tourists’ expectations than Bora Bora which was an American military base during World War II. In Polynesian history, as clan wars were frequent, Mo’orea welcomed defeated and fleeing troops from Tahiti. Captain Cook came at the end of the 18th century. Today, about 2,000 workers live on Moorea and work in Tahiti. Most of the local painters and sculptors seek inspiration on the island for its natural beauty and appreciate the friendliness of its people. Some locals speak English, most speak Tahitian, one of the Polynesian languages of the triangle Hawai’i, Easter Island (Rapa Nui), and New Zealand (Te-ao-tea-roa). The official language is French.

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